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Volvo PV 444 & Amazon Hardcover book is dedicated to the cars Volvo PV 444/544, and Amazon (120 Series). Here you will find hundreds of original photos of Volvo sedans, coupes and station wagons from the company’s advertising booklets published in the 1950s – 1970s. Thanks to special software that uses artificial intelligence technologies, it was possible to increase the resolution of scans to reveal small details of bodies and interiors in the photos that were practically invisible in the original images. The illustrations are accompanied by dozens of technical and historical facts about these automobiles. The book, of course, will be a great gift to all current, former, and future Volvo cars owners, as well as all those who appreciate classic Volvo models.

Format 160×210 mm, hardcover, spine rounding, ribbon, full color 600 dpi printing, premium quality matte coated paper, 264 pages.

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Volvo PV 444 & Amazon Hardcover book (fragment of the text)

The Volvo automobile brand owes its appearance to two enthusiasts – Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson. They were able to convince the management of SKF to invest in producing a national Swedish car. Since one of SKF’s main activities was producing bearings, it was proposed to use the Volvo trademark for cars, which it had registered back in 1915 and means “I roll” in Latin. The first production Volvo OV4 Jacob left the factory in Gothenburg on April 14, 1927.

During the pre-war period, the company established mass production of cars and trucks of various models and purposes. During the war, Volvo produced equipment for the Swedish Defense Department, gas generators, and equipment for the army.

However, in 1942, the project for the compact model PV 444 was already underway. The new car premiered on September 1, 1944, in Stockholm. It was distinguished by an attractive design and had an integrated body and a 4-cylinder engine with overhead valves. The new car’s elegant appearance was in no way inferior to the world’s cutting-edge counterparts.

Not surprisingly, the PV 444 not only caused a stir in its home country, but also managed to attract the interest of demanding American buyers. In 1956, the 100,000th PV 444 was manufactured, and two years later, the model was modernized and renamed PV 544. In total, from 1958 to 1965, 440,000 cars of the 444/544 family were produced, and 160,000 were exported.

An important event in the company’s history was the debut in 1956 of the all-new Volvo P120 family, better known as the Amazon. The range was represented by 2- and 4-door sedans, as well as a practical family station wagon. For the first time, customers were offered a 2-tone paint job, as well as a wide list of options, including innovative 3-point seat belts.

The model’s appearance became the quintessence of style for different European design schools. This allowed the Volvo P120 to find a response in the hearts of both connoisseurs of restrained “Teutonic classics” and those who liked the sensuality of Italian “Carrosseries.” Amazon sedans and station wagons found many fans across the ocean. In total, 60% of the cars were exported. Between 1956 and 1970, 667,791 Amazons were produced, a record achievement for the company at the time.

On September 1, 1944, an exhibition opened at the newly built Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm, where Volvo presented its products, including two new models – the PV 60 and PV 444. In the corporate magazine Volvo Ratten, they were called “Volvo
dove of peace.”

Among the exhibition’s prominent visitors were Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson and representatives of the royal family. Over 10 days, 148,437 people visited the exhibition, and every day, one PV 444 was raffled off to visitors. All proceeds from ticket sales were sent to the Red Cross.

Read the continuation of Volvo PV 444 & Amazon story in the book.

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